The (Many) Health Benefits of Coffee

The (many) health benefits of coffee


Ready for some good news today?

                 Well then look no further than your morning cuppa! That's right, coffee has a load of health benefits that will give you even more reason to wake up and smell the coffee. So if you are reading this over a nice hot mug of java, thank your beverage of choice for sharing its many health-enhancing powers with you. Let's take a look at some of the keen ways coffee can keep you fit and healthy.

A is for Antioxidants

               Let's start with one of the most frequently touted of coffee's many health benefits; the antioxidants. Antioxidants help our body to combat roaming free radicals. These free radicals roam around our bodies causing damage to our cells and resulting in oxidative stress. Antioxidants, on the other hand, put a stop to these damaging free radicals. In this way, coffee helps keep us looking and feeling young as well as curbs the potential for us to develop life-threatening diseases later on.

Caffeine to keep you going

                Of course the next most famous of coffee's benefits. The heaps of caffeine it imparts us with! There is a ton of science behind how and why caffeine works but we will cut to the chase, caffeine's chemical composition reacts with our brains in a way that results in nothing less than superpowers. Okay, that may be a little bit of hyperbole! But caffeine does do a lot of cool things.

               Caffeine helps us stay awake, alert, boost our energy levels and our moods and can even enhance physical performance. In addition to boosting our physical performance, coffee can help our muscles recover faster after a work-out. But that isn't the only reason to bring coffee along as your next gym buddy. Some studies have shown that caffeine can also boost metabolism and even increase the rate at which our bodies burn fat. So all-in-all coffee is your best friend if you are trying to become fit or trying to maintain proper health.

Fiber, vitamins and minerals

                Coffee also happens to be a massive source of dietary fiber. Since coffee comes from the beans of coffee cherries, i.e. fruit, there are some keen benefits we get from coffee's magical fruitiness. Fiber is one of them but we also gain riboflavin, magnesium, potassium, niacin and B5 vitamins.

Keeps us safe from illnesses

               So to be clear, no, coffee does not prevent or cure any of the following ailments 100%. But it can reduce your risk of developing a multitude of different health risks. Coffee is beneficial to our hearts and our livers in particular, and can even reduce our risk of developing heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, dementia and in some cases even depression.

Coffee for better health

                  Yes, you read that right, "coffee for better health". For those who love coffee but want to try to get some more bang for their (Star)bucks try adding milk, especially almond or soy milk. A good latte provides the benefits of dairy and non-cow dairy products in addition to coffee's great additional benefits like antioxidants and caffeine.

              Individuals who want to curb their caffeine intake or would like to enjoy some coffee late at night, have no fear! De-caf also still provides a healthy heap of health heightening enhancements. You just won't get the caffeine benefits, which may be a good choice if you are sensitive to caffeine.

             Enjoying your daily coffee will be an even more special ritual, knowing of the many health-boosting powers of this fabulous drink. Now the only reasonable thing to do would be to brew up a cup today! Your body and mind will both thank you.


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